eSignatures – What You Should Know

What is the eIDAS Regulation? On the 1st of July 2016, the EU put into force the eIDAS regulation (Regulation (EU) No 910/2014) which was made mandatory and was adopted in all EU member states, with precedent over any conflicting national laws. It establishes an EU-wide legal framework for electronic signatures and a range of… Continue reading eSignatures – What You Should Know

Adopting The Digital Route

With everything we have all been through globally due to the pandemic, we can say with certainty that all of us have evolved based on current trends, digitalising our lives and businesses. Some of us might long for things to go back to how they were, and who knows? One day it might, however it… Continue reading Adopting The Digital Route

The Benefits of Digital Rental Payments

One of the most important factors that render a tenancy successful is whether the monthly rent is paid in full and at the agreed time. When this occurs, both parties benefit immensely, building a trustworthy relationship. For example, both the landlord and the tenant have ease of mind by not getting into any disputes over… Continue reading The Benefits of Digital Rental Payments


Has your property ever stayed vacant for a prolonged period of time? Have you ever had to compromise on the type of tenant you lease to just to earn rental income? If you have found yourself in such situations then you could relate to how this potentially posed additional risks to you as a landlord.… Continue reading TENANT SCREENING PROCESS


SECURITY IN WRITING Did you know that a precisely written Lease Agreement is paramount for a successful tenancy? When we lease our property we hope the process and length of tenancy goes smoothly without having to deal with any conflicts. A well-written lease agreement provides that initial protective blanket where all the cards are laid… Continue reading LEASE AGREEMENTS – DIY or NOT?


The process of managing and keeping track of a tenancy entails many workflows and this task can become more challenging if you own multiple properties. Being organized and using the right tools can help improve the level of return and reduce the risks that may come from renting out your properties. We are firm believers… Continue reading HELPFUL TOOLS TO MANAGE TENANCIES

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