TenEnt has been created to fully streamline and digitalise the tenancy process, in order to build an ecosystem for the rental market that is accessible to all!

Our aim is to resolve specific inefficiencies currently found within the rental market, that lead to the adoption of a non-transparent and lengthy approach for the process of renting and managing tenancies. Our simplified method ensures that landlords, property managers and tenants do not have to utilise fragmented and outdated tools, hence promoting the finalisation of deals quickly and effectively, leading to a smooth tenancy.

The TenEnt solution promotes transparency, is cost-efficient and saves you time!

Petros Petrou


Petros has been working as a consultant for a leading European Asset Manager for the past 6 years. During this time he was actively involved in projects for the largest financial institutions in Cyprus and Greece. In parallel he led teams of 20+ individuals in projects with portfolios of more than €1.5bn.​

Petros is passionate about real estate, finance, data and AI. He is a firm believer that through technology, there can be more transparency, efficiency, and less information asymmetry amongst stakeholders in the real estate market. He built TenEnt with the purpose of achieving all three goals.

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