Tips of the Week – A few more bits to consider!

Tip 1 – Heating and Air Conditioning

If during the winter months you find yourself going away for a period of time for holidays, we advise you set your heating to come on at times to prevent your pipes from freezing. This is mainly applicable for properties found in countries where temperatures fall to freezing in the winter.

If you live in a warmer country where the air conditioning is used for months at a time during the year, tenants should ensure these systems are kept clean and in top shape.

Any damage to these systems should be reported to the landlord immediately. No one wants to spend time at home in the heat without a functioning air-conditioner. Contacts for maintenance for these systems can also be shared with your tenants in case of an emergency or if the landlord will not be contactable for a period of time.

TenEnt advises tenants to not use heating or air-conditioning systems when not at home as this could minimize your electricity bills by a good few quid. Tenants should also be shown how the heating and air conditioning work in the property upon arrival, and any expectations about the care of these systems can be added within the lease agreement as a separate clause.

Tip 2 – Utility Bills

Upon arrival to a new property, your life will be so much easier if you focus on organizing all your utility bill providers. You might be able to carry an existing account you have with a utility provider to a new property, but if not, then get onto sorting this sooner than later. When leaving a property, we advise tenants to settle their accounts with their utility providers swiftly to minimize the chance of paying bills at a property they already moved out of.

Tip 3 – Cleaning

Prior to tenants moving into a new rental property, landlords should ensure their property is deep cleaned, especially during the current pandemic. Tenants may feel that they want to clean the property again once they move in, which is fine, but entering a new property that is clean, top to bottom, ensures a good review and the start of a trusted relationship with your tenants.

It is important to expect that the property will be left in the same state and level of cleanliness as the first day the tenants have moved in. An additional clause should be included in your lease agreements outlining this expectation, and it might be a good idea to provide tenants with contact details to professional cleaning services they can hire to clean your property prior to leaving. The cost is covered by the tenants of course. It is a good idea to make it clear to your tenants that if their property is in good shape and clean to a high standard then the landlord will not have a reason to charge tenants for cleaning after they leave the property. This charge is usually taken from the initial deposit.

TenEnt is here to help and advise their clients with helpful tips, to ensure all your tenancy processes go as smoothly as possible

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