Fire Prevention – Let’s All Take This Seriously

As the summer is upon us with increasing temperatures, the risk of fires starting is greater and much harder to stop. As it stands, the fires tirelessly roaring through vast areas of Cyprus are resulting in the loss of many residential homes, people’s lives, and the tireless efforts of firefighters to put the embers to ease.

Our thoughts are with those currently experiencing the horrors shadowing our beloved island.

In an effort to support landlords and tenants, we have created this article to promote and inform fire prevention measures within your properties.

Each country has its own regulations when it comes to fire prevention within residential homes, however, there are generic expectations that are important for every landlord to follow, not only to protect their property from loss and damage, but also to protect their tenants, and even neighboring homes, our flora and fauna.

As a landlord, you should ensure the following is completed prior to any tenants moving into your property. Some of our advisable actions are just that, advisable but we believe in “Better be Safe, Than Sorry”.

These are just some advisable measures landlords can take to minimize the chance of fires happening in their rental properties. There should also be a clause within the lease agreement that outlines the landlord’s responsibilities for fire prevention and the responsibilities of the tenant (i.e. testing the fire alarms, keep the property clutter-free, especially all exits, etc.).

Fire is NOT a Joke and the Prevention of it Always Starts from Us!!!!

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