Landlord Tips – Keeping Pests Out

We can all relate to having some kind of pest crawl into our property and giving us a fright! We have experienced this in our own homes and in rental properties, and it never fails to make us shiver, jump up and run away or even scream.

As a landlord, there is nothing worse than property damage from a pest infestation or a tenant/ prospective tenant pointing out a pest concern and them giving the property a bad review, or even not wanting to remain in the property. We understand that keeping a pest-free property is far from easy and requires a lot of effort, can be costly and definitely unpleasant.

Here are our tips on managing and reducing the chance of pests, that could decide to visit your rental properties and settle down, whether there are tenants occupying your property or not.

Tip 1 – Just Keep Cleaning and Tidying

Ensure your property is cleaned thoroughly and regularly, ensuring the upkeep of the property at all times. It is understandable that when there are tenants within your property it is not easy to keep track of how clean your property is, however, tenants can be encouraged to follow through with this expectation.

It is important to sweep, mop and vacuum the floors regularly, and keep all surfaces clean, especially the kitchen area and tables where food would be consumed. Ideally these surfaces should be cleaned daily and surfaces such as shelves should be cleaned weekly.

Another essential factor to consider is storing food in special containers and keeping foods covered, unless these are kept in the fridge or freezer. Leaving foods out does not only invite people to have a cheeky midnight snack, but it also invites pests, such as cockroaches, mice, rats and ants.

If your property is prone to ant infestations you can advice your tenants to purchase some rosemary, lavender, thyme or mint plants and place these near windows (inside or outside the property) as a natural repellent.

A tidy house is equally as important as a clean house. Minimising clutter and encouraging the sorting of waste with your tenants will help immensely. We advise offering guidance to your tenants to manage their waste (recycling, food, etc.) and you can even purchase waste disposal bins for your properties that are clearly labelled. A helpful tip for your tenants could also be to inform them how waste is collected in your property’s area (days, times, type of waste collected) and pinpoint where they can take any additional waste, ideally close to the property.

Tip 2 – Any leaky pipes?

Imagine having a leaky pipe… it won’t only drive your water bill through the roof and cause damage to your property but it can also invite some unpleasant guests. Always be aware of the water consumption of your properties as this can be an indication of a leaky pipe. Wherever the leak, any standing water can attract various pests, such as rodents and insects. The quicker a leak is fixed, the lesser the chance of household bugs invading your property.

Tip 3 – Cracks, Crannies and Holes

Always inspect your property (inside, outside, basement, attic, etc.) for any cracks and holes that can be used as an invasion portal into your property by any unwelcome guests. Once identified, seal these immediately. There are various products you can purchase to complete this task, or you can even hire someone to do this. The choice is yours!

Caulk or silicone helps in closing gaps to prevent cockroaches from entering, as well as foam.

Tip 4 – Maintenance and Inspections

Encourage your tenants to report any maintenance concerns promptly. This can be done via the TenEnt platform, where tenants and landlords can keep a log of any such requests so that such matters can be swiftly picked up and dealt with.

There will be times where inspections of your properties will have to take place, and these visits also provide an opportunity to identify any maintenance issues, hence preventing these from becoming more severe.

Tip 5 – Bring in the big guns!

If an infestation becomes too much to handle just with an easy fix, then do not waste time, just call a professional pest control service. You do not want your tenants to complain or leave and any damage to be caused to your property. It might be worth sharing the contact details to some trusted pest control services with your tenants as they could potentially know better where the infestation is. Upon any visit to the property by external services due to such issues, we encourage landlords to be present, to assess any damage that might have occurred and the cost incurred in eliminating the pests.

Lets keep our properties clean, tidy and surprise-free! Pixar’s and Disney’s “A Bug’s Life” and “Ratatouille” are cute films, but lets just keep these creatures out of our homes!

TenEnt is here to help!

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