One of the results of the current pandemic is that we have all become more tech-savvy, in order to adapt to how the business world works at the moment. Many “old-fashioned” strategies we have all used or relied on in order to promote our rental properties and ensure they do not remain vacant, have not been possible to use since 2020. However, there are so many modern ways that you can ensure your rental property business booms that are cost-efficient and not time-consuming.

Here are a few tips we feel would benefit your rental property business and keep your properties vacant-free and profitable.

Tip 1: Advertise your properties on multiple real estate marketplaces

Acquire potential tenants faster by increasing the chances of more people viewing your property. There are ample real estate marketplaces ranging from local to international ones, and from general to niche.

Tip 2: Select the right marketplaces for you

Posting your properties on all available marketplaces can be time-consuming, that is why it is important to assess which of these platforms are right for you.

When choosing a marketplace, you should ask yourself the following things:

Once you have all these questions answered, it will be easier for you to choose the right marketplaces.

Tip 3: Use property management platforms, integrated with real estate marketplaces

There are property management platforms that allow you to publish a listing on one or more real estate marketplace, allowing you to do this with just a few clicks, allowing you to reach to your target audience faster.

Tip 4: Create a professional-looking listing

Create an eye-catching listing to promote a positive first impression on potential tenants, boost interest and the probability of finding a tenant.

Achieve this by following these steps:

TenEnt aims to improve the efficiency, speed, and transparency of finding suitable tenants and closing tenancy agreements for landlords, by shifting your entire tenancy process onto one central and digital platform. It allows you to record all the desirable information of your property, typically found on listings, to save you time from having to input the same data onto various platforms over and over again. Introducing TenEnt with the integration of listings websites, you will be able to post your properties in a speedy way all at the end of your fingertips.

Please visit our website,, to find out more about our existing features, or contact us directly on for more information and to potentially start your tenancy management journey with us!

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